Monday, August 24, 2015

Rubber Cement Fun for Repeat Impression's Project of the Week

It's my  turn to share a Project of the Week at Repeat Impression's blog and mine. I love discovering new background techniques to try, and recently Ink Stained Roni shared several blog posts where she used rubber cement and Brusho Coloured Crystals to create some awesome and easy backgrounds. I ran right out and bought some rubber cement ($1.79 at my nearby Target) and then I played. I am so excited to share that Repeat Impressions is now selling the Brusho Crystal Colour Craft Spritzer Set with many of my favorite colors all in one kit! All the colors on these cards are in that one kit with a spritzer bottle too! Here is a link to the Brusho set on the RI website. 

To make a fun background that looks like faux marble, all you need to do is drizzle the rubber cement onto watercolor paper. let it dry and then sprinkle and spritz with your favorite colors of Brusho Crystal Colours. Here are a couple pictures of the process:

On my first card, I chose two light colors- Lemon  and Sea Green Brushos for the first layer. I sprinkled on a little of the Brusho crystals, spritzed with water and then let it dry. Then I drizzled on some swirls of rubber cement and let that dry. I also drizzled the rubber cement on glossy paper to see how that would look.

I let the rubber cement dry thoroughly then added my magical colored Brusho crystals.  On the background with the light green and yellow base on watercolor paper, I added Turquoise and Orange Brushos and spritzed with water. On the glossy paper, I added Orange, Turquoise and Violet Brusho Crystals and spritzed them with water to activate the colors. On the glossy paper, the water does not soak in like on the watercolor paper, but it still resulted in a fun background. When the papers were dry. I removed the rubber cement with an adhesive eraser. This is how the pieces looked after this step, and the completed cards:

I cut the backgrounds down to fit on A2  sized cards and added some Repeat Impression's stamps and gems. The green card features one of my favorite RI stamps, Crowned Crane Deco. The violet glossy card features a sneak peak at a new word set that will be released by Repeat Impressions soon. I cut an oval with a Spellbinders die and sponged with violet ink while the piece was still in the oval die. Then I stamped "you" with turquoise ink and "did it!" with black ink. I raised this piece with pop dots and attached the colorful piece to a purple card base.

I had fun playing with rubber cement and Brushos to make these easy and colorful backgrounds. I suggest you give it a try!


Kathyk said...

I tried this with recently but using masking fluid ... nowhere near as effective as your makes here,using rubber cement! Perhaps I should try again but with rubber cement - great make


kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful results Karen- I think the violet one is my favourite!