Monday, January 23, 2017

Day Five Guest Artist Gail Jaeger

Recently my very talented dear friend, Gail Jaeger, designed a series of six floral cards with Tonic Studios dies. While I am away at CHA Creativation, I am going to feature her cards and the descriptions she has shared. Gail is a real artist and what is most amazing about these cards is that they all feature works of art that Gail painted! After completing a painting, Gail takes a picture and then uses the photo of the painting as part of her card art. I am thrilled to feature Gail's art and cards on my blog while I am gone.

Here is what Gail shared about the painting featured on this card:

This is a study of orange poppies. The background is left untouched so to focus on the flowers.  The poppies come from my garden as do all of my florals pieces.This is a pure watercolor so the paint is layered to give the flowers a glow. The use of water also is an important component.  With watercolors, one always begins with light color and builds depth using darker color.

And a description of how the card was made and the supplies used:

Birthday Wishes.  Using the silver glimmer paper cut a piece ½ X 4 ¼.  Using the Daisy Burst 1142e Double Detail Die Set cut one burst (cut in it in half) and a 3 flowers piece. 
Using green glimmer card stock, cut 2 pieces (2 X 5 ½) secure them to A and C on the first/horizontal labor.  Cut a Miniature Moments Birthday Wishes 1243e Die and set aside.  Cut a 1457e Mixed Edge Rectangle Layering Basics Die Set 3 X 3 ¼. Round the corners. Cut a piece ¾ X 4 ½.  Cut A Miniature Moments Birthday Wishes 1243e Die and set aside. 
Cut the floral design with the Mixed Edge Rectangle Layering Basics Die Set (2 ¾ X 3 ½).  Round the corners.  Secure the floral design to the green glimmer. 
Select a rust glitter paper and cut 2 pieces 2 ½ X 4 and secure them.  Cut another Daisy Burst, a Birthday Wishes and 3 flower die. 
Let’s put the finishing touches on the card.  Using the silver glimmer and rust glitter Daisy Burst (cut in half.)  Secure the rust over the silver leaving an edge that creates dimension.  

To create the glimmer green band that holds the card closed, cut a strip of green
2 X 11 ¾, Fold your card and slip on the band (leaving enough space to the slide the band on and off easily).  Secure it.  Take a piece of the glitter rust and cut a Miniature Moments Celebrate 1244e.  and Mixed Edge Rectangle Layering Die Set 2 ½ X 3 ¼ round the edges.  Using another floral photo (2 ¾ X 3) attach it to the rust glitter and secure it onto the band.  
There are a variety of Nuvo drops you can use to give your card that extra sparkle.  I used Nuvo Jewel Drops.  This will be a card that is bound to please. 


kiwimeskreations said...

Amazing - thank you for arranging to share these cards Karen

Verna Angerhofer said...

Beautiful card design and the flowers are just amazingly gorgeous!