Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CCEE Silhouette Stamp Challenge


This is my favorite card that I have created in the past few weeks and it uses my favorite stamp from the Raisin Boat set I showed you recently. Is't that tree beautiful? The challenge this week at CCEE was to use a silhouette stamp and I love doing that on patterned paper.

I had a request to share the instructions on how to make the circular frames with punches. If you can still find it, I did have an article with pictures printed in January 2010 Scrap and Stamp Arts magazine on this technique.

I used Card Creator Corner Punches by EK Success to make the circle frames and it is vital that you have the right kind of punches or this won't work. They are the kind that you can create a corner to slide in a picture or another piece of paper.

To make the circle frames, first cut out a large circle of light weight printer paper (I used the largest circle in the Nestabilities circle set so it was about 3 1/2" diameter.)

Fold the circle in half, in half again and then each of those pieces in half again so you have 8 equal triangles. Draw over those lines with dark pen or marker. You will keep this for your template.

Decide on the cardstock you want to use for your circle frame. Cut with same large circle Nestabilities die you used for template.

On the back of that cardstock circle, draw lines so you have again the 8 equal triangles (like a cut pie.) Take the outside piece off the corner punch. Turn the punch upside down and push the corner punch equally between two lines as far as it will go and punch. Repeat for each triangle trying to center each punch evenly between the lines. When done, snip between the punches and remove the center leaving the circular punched frame.

Stamping smiles, Karen

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Sara said...

Awesome! Thanks for the directions! I don't have that magazine... my subscription started with February 2010! Happy Creating! Sara