Sunday, January 15, 2012

A blogpost about something I love besides stamping?!

Yesterday I mistakenly posted my Sunday card for challenges along with my Saturday post so you got two on one day if you subscribe or check out my blog regularly. So today I am posting twice without cards to show you, but sharing important information. One thing I love almost as much as stamping is a home that is welcoming and smells wonderful. I have become a huge fan of the Scentsy wickless alternative to scented candles and wanted to share that love with you today. I have a beautiful full size Scentsy warmer in my living room and I put a small piece of one of their fragrance bricks or bars in it and my whole home smells wonderful. I am not selling Scentsy, but am having a party (both on-line and in my home) this month. You can go here if you would like some more information regarding this great product or to order any scents or warmers for your home. You can also click on the picture on the side of my blog anytime this month.

The warmers are beautiful decorative additions to any room and have a life-time warranty. There are also plug in warmers that are perfect for smaller areas. You just put one piece of the wax brick or bar in the plug in warmer and that area of your home will smell wonderful.

I love scented candles, but I do not like the danger of fire or the soot. And too many times, you buy an expensive candle that seems to smell great and when you burn it, you have a flame and very little scent. That is not the case with Scentsy. You have a light bulb in the warmer that melts the wax and the scent is wonderful. The one problem with Scentsy is that there are soooo many scents to choose from, it is really hard to pick! I have my demonstrator's briefcase with all the scents here so if you are local, I could get it to you to smell away. Or you could come to my party (just send an email for the details.) But I bought my first Scentsy warmer and scents just by going on line and reading the descriptions and I have liked everyone I have tried. Do you like sweet or cool and refreshing or exotic or your favorite food or cookies smell? All are available.

If you have any questions, just send me an email. I rarely endorse products on this blog, but Scentsy is so delightful, I just had to share.

And since I am off topic today, I will close with GO PACK!!


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