Friday, April 6, 2012

My First Card and Happy Easter!

My daughter found this card recently from 1999 and it is an Easter card that was my first attempt at stamping.   I wanted to make graduation announcements for my son that spring so I was learning how to stamp,  and I remember making this at the home of a Stampin' Up demo who showed us how to color with watercolor pencils and blend with a water pen. I've come a long way since then! Who knew then how addicting and fun and gratifying this hobby would become? New friends and blogging and design teams and sharing ideas and articles and cards published and Pinterest... I could go on and on. So much fun!!

Happy Easter or Keester! I had to share these sweet buns-thanks Barb!!

 I am off on a cruise for 10 days (our first and a big adventure for myself and my husband!), but have some blogposts scheduled while I am gone.

Stamping smiles, Karen

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ednamburgess said...

I look at some of my first card also and wonder why I even sent them. But practice makes for better cards. Edna