Monday, December 17, 2012

One Small Thing We Can Do (or two)

We are all heart broken over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I am sure many of you shed tears as I did while listening to stories of the brave teachers and administrators and the families who lost those sweet innocent children. Karen P., who lives in England and is on one of my design teams, shared this address where we could send a card to let them know they are not alone in their grief.

Sandy Hook Elementary School.
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook.
CT 06482

I am sending the card above with some heartfelt words of my own in the inside. There is also a fund set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut that will help the families. Here is a link to their site

In the words of Mother Teresa: "We cannot all do Great Things, but we can do Small Things WITH GREAT LOVE." 

Stamping love, Karen 

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Cards By Betty said...

Love your card for the people of Connecticut and the address for us all I'm sure that they can use all our thoughts and prayer.