Friday, January 24, 2014

Stenciled Happy Birthday

I am going to blog each stencil card I like this weekend after participating in the on line course on stencils taught by some awesome instructors. You can still sign up and take it anytime here. It only cost $12 and I can say after only one morning on line, I got enough tips to say I got my money's worth!

I am learning as I experiment and not everything is working out like I think it will. This wavy stencil from Memory Box did not want to stay in place when I tried to sponge it like they showed in the video. I taped down the sides and the card piece well, but the stencil itself was too thin between the wavy lines to sponge that way. So I stopped, added a die cut "happy birthday" in two colors (from Memory Box) and a lacy flower that I sponged too. I layered it all on a coral card and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Not bad for a stencil newbie:)

Stay tuned for more stencil cards through Monday.

Stamping and stencil smiles, Karen

1 comment:

Mclay said...

I like how your flower matches your stenciling!